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Wow, it's been so long I had to look up the last journal post to refresh my memory. Sorry! Things were put on hold because I've been here in Argentina these past few months. Cy and I haven't had (and still don't have) internet in our place. I've been focusing on life here with him, learning Spanish, and teaching English. Argentina is wonderful, and so is the culture. It's very relaxing here.

But let's see, where we last left off, a CCDD for the Ranunculi was going to be posted and there was an open call for OC's. When Cy has some free time I'll work with him on getting those two portals set up. In the meantime, I've updated my catalog of telegrams (thanks for sending them in all this time, guys!) and I'll answer as many of them as possible.

so I know you have not updated in while but I just want to say I am still here and I check every night STOP thank you for making this amazing comic STOP


It does seem like the biggest holdup in this project is me, though. I did try having some assistants to help with panels in the past, but it didn't go over too well, which was a shame since I've always wanted this project to be a community-driven collaboration. I still think it's possible, EOI just needs to be big enough to become self-sustaining. What do you guys think? If you have any ideas, drop 'em in the telegram box. Oh, and about that--

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A long time ago I wanted to make a forum so we could all chat directly. Y'all been sending in encouraging telegrams this whole time (I'm looking at you, KillerKool!), but what do you guys think about a forum or something? The only place I can answer off-comic telegrams is here. Cy was never too keen on the idea of a forum since it needs to be moderated, but if anyone wants to step up, that could help convince him. If anyone's interested, drop your email in a telegram so I can reply directly, or contact me at mixmadmen at gmail dot com.